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The Inaugural vBrisket Recap

We had a great turnout for the inaugural vBrisket event.  Here is what I started with before letting the magic of low heat, smoke and time do it’s magic.  We purchased 4 bags of charcoal, 2 Briskets weighing in at 15lbs each, 4 pork butts and 9 racks of ribs. It was great to get together with a smaller group of community driven people and discuss what makes us all geeks.  The vBrisket crew i... »

VMware Homelab Networking

I bought a Netgear ProSAFE Plus XS708E 10-Gigabit 8 Port Ethernet Switch for my home lab.  It looked like it was exactly what I wanted, spanning tree prevention, broadcast storm control, Port trunking, Port mirroring, Jumbo Frame Support, LAG and the price is right for a 10 GB network at $823.99.  But the one thing I didn’t notice when I bought it was VLAN routing was not a feature(Layer 2 o... »

vMotion and 10GBE

With the new lab setup and running on a 10 GB network, I was interested to see how fast vMotion was, I was not disappointed. I also wanted to see just how much bandwidth the vmkernal nic consumed so I used Putty and connected directly to the host and ran ESXTOP.  To view the network portion in ESXTOP,  you hit the “n” on your keyboard to switch to “network”. In the screen s... »

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