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Veeam “It Just Works!”, but let’s make it work better

I know everyone out there has heard Veeam’s tag line “It Just Works!” (they even patented the phrase), how can anyone disagree with that statement.  Install Veeam Backup and Replication using all of the defaults, including Microsoft SQL Server Express and you can backup your virtual environment pretty easily. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the overall des... »

Thomas Breakiron’s Home Lab talk at WPVMUG

Tom was gracious enough to give me a copy of his extensive “Home Lab Presentation” to post on, thanks Tom!!! »

VMware Homelab Layout

Now that I have my VMware Homelab built and somewhat configured, I have decided to move it to a new location.  The basement is my best logical choice since my daughters both share a room and I am losing my man cave.  I said I was never giving it up, but the basement will have to do.  Atleast it’s close to my wine racks, I will need to make sure I have a corkscrew handy. I bought a 4-Tier She... »

VCSA Coredumps 100%

I have recently been having issues with the VCSA, the Web Client has been slow to authenticate and load, the interface used to be snappy after the improvements to the flash player settings compliments to William Lam Blog post.  I also had issues with the thick client disconnecting and the VUM pluggin disabling. I would have to go to pluggins and enable it after it crashed. I would also get the ... »

Happy Friday! – First Edition – Fun With RetroPie

Happy Friday! – First Edition – Fun With RetroPie Hello all, this is the first in a series of vBrisket posts dedicated to “Fun stuff” in tech.  I am planning to have at least one fun semi-IT related “Happy Friday” post a month. Fun stuff… Wooo!!! For those of you that joined us at our second vBrisket event, you know that aside from the great discussions we... »

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