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Our Clint Wyckoff Teams up with Cameron Fuller for VEEAM LIVE!

Cameron Fuller and I (Clint Wyckoff) are teaming up with Jose Mendoza and Shawn Lieu for “Veeam, Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center Are Better Together” on December 2nd (Wednesday) at 11:00 am (UTC -06:00). This should be a pretty awesome episode of VEEAM LIVE as Cam and I have been working on a whitepaper together focusing on this exact topic: Making Operations Manager Actionable! Highlights fro... »

Nested Deployment Windows Server 2016 TP4!

Hey fellow vBrisketeers! I hope all is well, as we ramp up for our big event later this week at the Pittsburgh Beer Market (BTW, it’s not too late to REGISTER NOW) I’ve been spending time this past weekend playing with the latest Technology Preview (TP) #4 of Windows Server 2016. Well first off you need to visit the Windows Server TechNet Evaluation Site to register and download the la... »

A New Opportunity

Almost 12 years ago to the day, I accepted the position of “Network Administrator” at CENTRIA. Over that time frame I have enhanced my skills and I am very grateful for all the company has done for me. Whenever I asked to go to a training class or a conference, the answer was always yes. I will miss the people at CENTRIA and the great friendships that were formed over the years. I am a... »

Windows Server 2016 Technology Preview 4 – NOW AVAILABLE!!

For the last 10 days I’ve been busy traveling and attending Microsoft Ignite in Australia, which was an absolutely fantastic event! Many of you might have heard, but last Thursday Microsoft announced the much anticipated Technology Preview 4 (TP4) of Windows Server 2016! The upcoming release of Windows Server has many awesome features that the virtualization and cloud computing industry have... »

vSphere 6 Problems Continue, it’s DejaVu!

For those folks that have upgraded their environments to the latest release of vSphere ESXi (Version 6.0) critical issues are becoming to become quite the norm. For years VMware was known for their solid QC processes and their releasing of Production ready hypervisor releases…UNTIL vSphere 6. The latest issue was announced this past week and is contained within vSphere 6.0 Update 1a. VMware ... »

vBrisket Event: Favorite IT Tools – At The Beer Market

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Cincy VMUG Recap

Working in a pre-sales technical role affords me a lot of opportunity to travel and attend conferences – something I really enjoy.  The ‘responsibilities’ however of working as a vendor during these conferences has a direct impact on how you consume, participate and engage at these conferences.  My friend Gabriel Chapman has a nice write up of his experiences attending VMWorld as... »

Certifications, User Groups, Home Labs and MORE!

Straight from the Channel 9 Studio in Redmond, WA. Dave Kawula and I had the opportunity to record several video sessions on the heels of their MVP Summit. In this episode we discuss the value of Certifications,User Groups and Home Labs. Both Dave and I are very active in the IT Community and it was interesting to hear share our thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!   »

vBrisket Veteran’s Day Edition: Lightweight Portable Security

As Americans, we all owe many thanks to those who support our country by serving in the Armed Forces. Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to all active and retired military personal for their efforts.  While parades, military salutes at sporting events and free meals are a great way to honor these great men and women, I’d like to recognize a great technology resource that is free to t... »

A little added security

Target had 40 million credit card numbers stolen, Ashley Madison website had 37 million “cheaters” information stolen and posted online, and the IRS had 100 thousand users tax returns stolen. That is just a small sampling size of some of the security breaches that have happened. Our information is valuable and hackers are out to get as much information and data as possible, with the le... »

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