vBrisket Event! Paul Braren on home labs, including a live demo!

Hello, vBrisket Community!  Join us for the 2017 Summer MeatUp on Thursday, July 13th as we are delighted to have Paul Braren join us to discuss home labs.  Paul will even be including a live demo of some very interesting technologies. Abstract/Live Demo: Home virtualization enthusiasts have become rather keen on the Intel Xeon D, a powerful, compact, and efficient platform you can run 24×7. ... »

vBrisket Event Recap! Tech Conferences – What are the right ones for you?

Hello, vBrisket Community!  Our first MeatUp of 2017 was a great event.  The weather was perfect in Pittsburgh, PA for a February afternoon, sunny and in the upper 70s. Our event consisted of a panel of four technologists: John White, Justin Paul, Jim Jones, and myself.  The event was moderated by the one and only Gabe Maentz.  We discussed several large vendor conferences as well as smaller gathe... »

vBrisket Event! Tech Conferences – What are the right ones for you?

Hello, vBrisket Community!  Join us for the first MeatUp of 2017 on Friday, February 24th as we discuss Tech Conferences and Events. From mega conferences to small boutique hangouts, there is no shortage of places to gather with fellow IT professionals, but which ones make sense to attend? Hear first hand from fellow community members their views of Tech Conferences. What are the pros and cons of ... »

A New Opportunity

Almost 12 years ago to the day, I accepted the position of “Network Administrator” at CENTRIA. Over that time frame I have enhanced my skills and I am very grateful for all the company has done for me. Whenever I asked to go to a training class or a conference, the answer was always yes. I will miss the people at CENTRIA and the great friendships that were formed over the years. I am a... »

Certifications, User Groups, Home Labs and MORE!

Straight from the Channel 9 Studio in Redmond, WA. Dave Kawula and I had the opportunity to record several video sessions on the heels of their MVP Summit. In this episode we discuss the value of Certifications,User Groups and Home Labs. Both Dave and I are very active in the IT Community and it was interesting to hear share our thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!   »

Community FTW!

Everyone has a different definition Community just as your meaning of Community is different. A few weeks back I had the opportunity to participate in a Community Roadshow in Western Canada, MVP Days. Going into the event I was extremely nervous, I knew a couple of the guys but I really never met any of the core crew in person before (only chatted with on Twitter via #MVPHour). MVP Days is a 3 day... »

Wrapping Up the Week/General Thoughts

We’re one week into #vDM30in30 and just as @discoposse (Eric Wright) explained in his blog post prior to last year’s virtual Design Master: 30 articles in 30 days campaign, there has been an extremely varied selection of blog topics. For example, here’s what we at vBrisket published this week: A recommitment to the community Docker, Containers and the “Application First” Revoluti... »


Looking back on this past year, man has it been an interesting ride! The privately owned company I work for got purchased by a public company, the “vBrisket” community got started and continues to evolve, and I made a commitment to focus on making a change in my career path. Career goals were never much of a concern of mine before, I always just thought of myself as an IT guy working i... »

Making the Time

Time Management is something that I have always thought of myself being pretty good at.  Turns out I suck. How did I come to this realization?  After many years of implementing time management best practices including GTD, Notecards, Lists, Monthly Priority Schedules, etc. – I still find that I just have got way to much stuff I want to do, and many times I don’t focus on the important ... »

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