VMware Homelab Presentation featuring Michael White

This was the 2nd vBrisket Community get together and it was held at Penn Brewery. Before the presentation, we setup two Raspberry Pi’s and had some fun playing retro video games like Double Dragon, Contra, Mortal Combat and Pacman.  This event came together rather quickly, but we felt it was better to keep things rolling than to worry about attendance numbers.

Michael White was gracious enough to spend the time to present on VMware Homelabs.  Michael has an extensive background working with the Technical Marketing team at VMware, and currently works is a Director of Product Marketing for DataGravity.  He publishes a weekly newsletter for virtualization enthusiasts, and has a widely popular blog: notesfrommwhite.netYou can follow Michael on twitter @mwVme


Michael was very happy to share his slide deck with everyone and you can download the document below.  The vBrisket Crew and all that attended would like to express our thanks to Michael for his time and knowledge shared.

HomeLab Presentation 

2015-01-22 15.34.42



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