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What’s in your bag?

Michael White brought a cool little device as a giveaway at the vBrisket Homelab Presentation a few weeks ago, the HooToo Tripmate Nano Travel Router. I like the thought of having a router as protection when connecting to a wireless or wired network that you know nothing about. I looked up the device on Amazon and it is only $17.99, my first thought was how good can it be for that price? The revie... »

VMware Homelab Presentation featuring Michael White

This was the 2nd vBrisket Community get together and it was held at Penn Brewery. Before the presentation, we setup two Raspberry Pi’s and had some fun playing retro video games like Double Dragon, Contra, Mortal Combat and Pacman.  This event came together rather quickly, but we felt it was better to keep things rolling than to worry about attendance numbers. Michael White was gracious enou... »

All SSD VSAN Homelab (Part 1)

VSAN has been a pretty hot topic ever since VMware announced the beta program at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.  So I decided that I wanted to build a VSAN in my homelab, but I wanted to keep my homelab as quiet as possible and power consumption per host as low as possible.  I have a 3 host setup with 4 SSD Drives in each host with no spinning disks. I remember seeing an article about an all flash... »

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