Community FTW!

Everyone has a different definition Community just as your meaning of Community is different. A few weeks back I had the opportunity to participate in a Community Roadshow in Western Canada, MVP Days. Going into the event I was extremely nervous, I knew a couple of the guys but I really never met any of the core crew in person before (only chatted with on Twitter via #MVPHour). MVP Days is a 3 day roadshow that started in Vancouver and then we traveled to Calgary and then finished up in Edmonton. Not only did I not know anyone, but I was also hosting an MVP Panel on User Groups in all 3 cities.

One of the great parts of Community is that you do NOT need to know anyone, you’re already best friends. MVP Days was an absolute amazing experience personally and professionally. I had the opportunity to meet so many great folks and make many lasting friendships. The core team that runs MVP Days is Dave and Cristal Kawula – @DaveKawula and @SuperCristal1 – If you’re connected in the Microsoft space you likely already know them – they’re great peeps for sure!

Last week Dave and I had the opportunity to work together again and have some very fun and yet technical videos that we’ll be posting on Channel 9 – Be on the lookout!

So what is community? For me this is community. Community is not just a group of people chatting about technology, it’s making lasting relationships and sharing our past experiences. It’s about showing up, delivering and making time to share knowledge. Whether it’s your Local User Group or a special subject on Twitter – share the knowledge and share the love for technology. That’s what WE all have in common!

Just as MVP Days allowed me to make so many personal and professional relationships with folks that share the same love for Microsoft Technologies that I have – #vDM30in30 is a great way for folks to connect that love sharing knowledge! Just as Gabe wrote on earlier this week, Make Time and I encourage everyone to pay it forward share their knowledge and experience. You’ll make friends and contacts from around the globe and I guarantee you there’s someone out there that will benefit!

Thanks and happy sharing 🙂 Clint @ClintWyckoff

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